National Viatical, Inc. (NVI) offers services in all aspects of the viatical and life settlement industry.  NVI offers exclusive portfolio management of policies for accredited investors, institutional investors or other holders of interests in policies.  NVI presently has over 2,500 policies under management.
NVI offers a state-of-the-art online tracking system and is currently the only company in the industry that provides this technology.
We also offer several investment products for accredited investors and institutional investors.  These products enable the investor to enjoy higher rates of return in an investment that offers less risk than other investments offering comparable returns.
NVI, as service provider for Asset Funding Corp. (AFC), has developed methods to attract sellers of policies to come directly to NVI and AFC.  Our processes have enabled sellers to get more for their policy by going direct to the money and eliminating the layers of brokers that seek to make high commissions from the sale of the policy. This insures that the seller receives the highest payout possible.
For further details, you can visit the Asset Funding Corp. website.

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